How to Handle Snakes in the Midst of Flooding

You should always observe caution when around snakes. If you leave snakes alone, they will often leave you alone. But snakes become disoriented and, therefore, more dangerous when they are displaced from their natural habitats because of flooding.

If you encounter a snake the best thing to do is to let it go its own way without trying to capture, handle or kill it, but if a snake ends up in your home or surroundings where people can get hurt, here are a few tips.

  • Avoid handling if at all possible.
  • If in your home, open a door and try to gently move the snake out with something such as broom or rake.
  • If unable to move it out, carefully contain the snake until you can get help such as from animal-control. This could mean placing a bucket or trash receptacle over it, weighing it down or closing off the room, making sure to stop all cracks where it may slither into your family’s presence.

Killing a snake is dangerous, and it is best not to try to do this. As the flood waters recede, the snakes will return to their normal habitats.


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