Nigerian College Student Aides in Flood Relief Efforts

“As a young person I am not rich, but I have the time to give as much possible for good causes.”

By Cindy Huge, American Red Cross, Volunteer Contributor

Photo Credit: Cindy Huge

Anthony Bassy devotes his free time volunteering for the American Red Cross. His spring semester classes are now complete, and he is happy to have the opportunity to give more volunteer hours this summer. Rather than be disappointed that he is unable to travel home, he is excited for the opportunity to be able to participate in Arkansas’ flood relief efforts.

Bassy moved to the United States from Nigeria two years ago to attend college at Arkansas State University. A few days after his arrival, while walking through campus, he noticed a sign that Red Cross was in need of volunteers. He immediately signed up and is now the president of the Red Cross Club on campus.

“For many years I have wanted to volunteer with the Red Cross but was unable to do so while living in Nigeria,” he stated sadly.

Family obligations which included helping his mother care for a younger brother after the death of his father left little time for much more than school work.

Giving back to his community has become a very important part of Bassy’s life. As a Red Cross volunteer, he has helped with blood drives, registered new volunteers, organized fundraising events and assisted with various administrative duties.

Bassy’s hope is that others will see the importance of giving back to their community and become involved like he has with the Red Cross.

Volunteers make up approximately 90 percent of the American Red Cross workforce. Their dedication make it possible to respond to nearly 64,000 disasters last year. To volunteer with the American Red Cross please visit



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